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The Big World Made Small Podcast For The Adventure Traveler

This exciting new podcast series was created with one singular purpose, to share my passion for adventure travel with others that get just as excited as I do. My vision is to create the best collection of meaningful interviews with interesting people, about the places and activities that they love, inspiring listeners to book a flight, pack their bags, and create their own adventures.

Join me as I interview adventure travel experts, professional tour operators, and the most interesting guides, about what matters to them, giving listeners a glimpse into a world that most people only dream of. Learn what it takes to operate a tour operation company, what might inspire someone to become a guide, or how they got started in their favorite adventure sport.

I'll be your host, and will tap into many years of global travel and adventure tourism experience to ask insightful questions and get past the surface in a casual conversation that will hopefully leave you feeling a connection with each guest, as we build a community together.

In addition to the recorded voice interviews, some of these conversations will be shared in video format on popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and others. Use the form on this page to get access and make sure you don't miss out on any of the adventures, special offers from our partners, and other great content that promises to change the way you experience travel, making the world feel just a bit smaller.

If you're an adventure travel expert and are passionate about shared experiences, let's jump on a quick call to see if the Big World Made Small Podcast is the right place for you to share your story.

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Machu Pichu background for adventure travlers

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I'll make sure you don't miss a single episode of the Big World Made Small Podcast by delivering them directly to your inbox. You'll also receive extra content, special recommendations, and exclusive offers from our partners that I don't mention on the show.


By participating in the community, you'll also have an opportunity to influence future topics and guests, helping me produce a show that you'll be excited to listen to.


Drop your first name and email address into the form, and I'll do my best to make sure the weekly emails are relevant and value packed.  


~Jason Elkins - Host of the Big World Made Small Podcast

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